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A few words from our biggest fans...

"A true example of a friendly, community-focused bank, MCS Bank has consistently helped Community Partnerships RC&D find solutions to our needs through direct service and program sponsorship. Reliable and responsible, MCS Bank provides us with the resources we need with the utmost customer care. Bank staff have taken a large and active role in our local community, proving themselves to be a leader of crucial community initiatives. We are grateful that MCS Bank has helped us support and expand our programming as we work together to make our area a better place to live. What you hope a hometown bank might be, MCS actually is."

– Sam Price

"Have dealt with many banks but this one by far is the best!! Great service and friendly staff."

– Joseph Fiore Jr.

"I've been banking with MCSB since I come home from the Army in 1997. I really enjoy the staff's positive attitude and service. I think that they are the best bank in Lewistown region. They've helped me to be a successful business owner, and a special thanks to Randy Miller in the Loan center. MCSB is straight forward and honest with all their banking. I plan to be banking with them the rest of my life."

– William H. Melius Jr.

"So glad I made the switch to this bank! Awesome friendly service!"

– Trenton McConaughey

"I want to thank MCS Bank for their support of the Mifflin County Science & Technology Fair and their advocacy in positively affecting our community by supporting this event! THANK YOU!!!"

– Brett Rodgers

"MCS Bank is a wonderful place to work. It is a Bank that truly cares about its customers and employees. We have monthly customer appreciation days and we enjoy visiting with our customers as they come in to do their banking. Love my job!!"

– Penny McMath Love

"Great small Bank. Friendly staff seems they go the extra mile, and promptly handle any banking questions you have. They treat you as a valued customer."

– Harold Mcgrayne

"I have been banking with Mifflin County Savings and Loan for 42 years and have always had very positive experiences with them. I highly recommend them for all your banking needs."

– Cindy Foster Knepp

"Great Rates*Great People*Great Bank - this statement is the real deal. You couldn't find a better place to work and finer people to work with every day! One big happy family..."

– Judy Tunall

"Best place to work and we have the best Kasasa Checking!"

– Tom French

"I have been banking with MCS for a year, great positive work environment. Really nice and customer friendly."

– Tee Valdes

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