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Debit cards are safer than carrying a bunch of cash — and more convenient than writing checks.

Card Self-Service is now available 24/7 from any phone so cardholders have total flexibility to activate a card or make PIN changes at their convenience.  


Activate card  • Activate and select new PIN • Select new PIN • Change forgotten PIN • Change known PIN

  • Accepted wherever you see the Visa® symbol
  • Make purchases virtually anytime, anywhere
  • Receive enhanced fraud protection with EMV chip technology
  • Direct access to your account balance
  • Accepted more widely than checks
  • Safer than carrying cash
  • Free with any MCS Bank deposit account
  • Earn points for uChoose Rewards
  • Withdraw directly from ATMs
  • Easily replaced if lost or stolen

It's inconvenient to be without your debit card — even if it’s just for a few days. That's why we offer instant issue debit cards. They can be issued at our main office in Lewistown, please call 717-248-5445 for details.  Once issued, your new debit card will be ready to use the second you walk out.

Say goodbye to mediocre redemption options. Say hello to uChoose Rewards® — a rewards program that's based on giving you a choice on where to shop and what to get for all the points you earn.

To Get Started

If you have an MCS Bank Visa debit card you could already be earning points! Just register at to redeem points. There's never been a better time to start using your MCS Bank Visa debit rewards card for all your day-to-day needs.

Shop In-Store or Online to Earn

Watch your points add up fast by earning several ways! 

Earn one (1) point per every $2 you spend each time you sign for purchases (choosing the "credit" option) using your MCS Bank debit card.

Plus, you'll earn additional points when you shop at retailers participating in the program.

Earn the most points in the shortest amount of time by using your card for all your shopping needs, whether in-store or online.

Play it safe on the go with CardValet®. CardValet allows you to receive notifications on your mobile device to protect your accounts wherever you are.

Fraud Protection

  • Real-time alerts keep you informed when your cards are used
  • Transaction controls allow your cards to work only specific locations or geographic areas
  • When your cards are "off," no withdrawals or purchases will be approved

Control Spending

  • Set spending limits for general use or specify thresholds by merchant types, such as gas, groceries or retail stores
  • Establish controls by location and change perameters via your mobile device

Business Use

  • Use transaction controls for merchant codes, locations, transaction types and thresholds to ensure employee spending adheres to company policies

Review Balances and Transactions

  • Monitor your finances anytime, anywhere by using the CardValet app to check your account balances or review recent card transactions
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